Translate Science

Scientific organizations need publications appropriate to the target population (investors, customers, public). This requires a translation process which is often painful for the specialist and where an intermediate can be instrumental.

In this context pictures are crucial. Good pictures transport a message, reflect an emotion, create or confirm a relationship and concentrate on the essential. Choose among photography, cartoon, digitized analog pictures or digital artwork.

In my earlier function I was responsible for the global department website of Discovery Technologies Roche and currently I work on a web site for a scientific startup company in Switzerland. The combination of scientific and artistic skills might be of interest for you for your new website, brochure or annual report.

Our first examples: the new web page of leadxpro, a startup company that leverages swiss high-tech research resources for difficult drug discovery projects in big pharma, and mabritec AG, the powerhouse of MALDI-MS biosystem identification in Riehen (under construction). More about the project in the news articles..

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