New webpage for leadXpro

We are happy to announce that on December 6th, 2021, the updated webpage of leadXpro went online. It is using a more flexible WordPress architecture and the content is orienting more towards the accumulated achievements and intellectual property than on technologies, and showcases what is possible with the latest developments in membrane protein structure biology.

a fascinating video on the front page

On the front page, fast loading short videos describe how a ligand reaches his binding site in various display formats.

The dynamic technology graph

Under ‘technologies’ we implemented a dynamic graph that shows the contribution of the various technologies to the progress of a structure biology project with dynamically showing descriptions upon mouseover on their pulsating labels.


We greatly acknowledge the design developed by StudioNeo, programming and troubleshooting support by xPress Merz, and last but not least the many contributions of the leadXpro scientists that led to an understandable and scientifically correct content.

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